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9008 – A Gala to Connect the Dots.

By this point, you are all probably sick and tired of hearing about this event.

But, let me tell you- It. Was. Incredible.

As I recover post-gala festivities, all I can do is sit in this immense gratitude and soak in your immeasurable blessings, support, and encouragement.

All I can do is say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed their time, skills, artistry, food, home décor, ideas and energy.

THANK YOU to BYOB Winery for donating their unique space and delicious wine.

THANK YOU to all of my beautiful volunteers who allowed me the room to entertain guests while they ran the show.

And THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support the work or World Concern and my position with them as the Communication Liaison.

The event raised over $3,000! Meaning I only have to raise about $2,300/month. If 40 of you were able to donate about $50/month, I would reach this financial goal. It is my current goal to leave for Kenya in mid-July. Let me know if I can answer any questions you may have regarding this process!

I will let the following lovely photos, courtesy of Madeline Jacks, give you a taste of the evening.


The Shed Boys

Moorea Seal

artist: Allie Fraley

My new boss, Derek

artist: Katie Hart

YouMe Shirts and Katie Hart cards