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Actively Waiting

Patience. Waiting for a letter in the mail. Waiting for my sunny-side-up eggs to finish cooking. Waiting in bumper-to-bumper, painfully slow traffic with Rihanna playing on every station (sorry Rihanna fans). Waiting for my turn when my roommate is using our shower. To be patient is a daily chore.

Waiting for my water to boil...

And what about patience in regards to the future? Beyond the daily? Waiting to hear back from a prestigious university. Waiting for a response from a highly desired job position. Waiting to meet the man with whom I will share the rest of my life. Waiting.

Waiting for the LA smog to clear. Oh. Wait...

Eugene Cho, my pastor at Quest Church and the founder of One Days Wages, often talks about the practice of actively waiting. Rather than idling around, mulling in our thoughts and dwelling on future anxieties, God calls us to actively wait. To be present and engaged in every moment while actively pursuing and working towards the future.

Over the past 7 plus months, I have clung tightly to this concept. Yes, I know that I am moving to Nairobi, Kenya for two years. And yes, I know that I will be traveling to World Concern’s various development sites, interviewing beneficiaries, and sharing their stories with y’all. Yet, I still do not know when I will be leaving the states. Thus, I do not know when I will be moving out of my home, selling my belongings, going home to visit my family, and saying goodbye to those that I love most. There are still a lot of question marks.

Though all of these ‘unknowns’ would normally overwhelm me, I have found comfort in actively waiting. I am actively training for my future position through photography, grant writing, and video editing courses. I am actively visiting the World Concern office, meeting with donors, and working to fundraise the rest of my budget. I feel blessed that God has enabled me to maintain a generally present mindset.

And though I have found comfort in actively waiting, I have also found that my recent forms of waiting seem to appear in different shapes than those of the past. Knowing the gravity and depth of my future position, it has been difficult for me to remain light-hearted and intrigued in many of the conversations, relationships, and things that used to be of interest. This isn’t something that I have fully processed, or mentioned to many people. Yup, I just decided this should be its own blog entry. More later.

[side note: every time I hear the word ‘present’, I immediately think of this clip.]

But, friends, the time has come! I have actively waited to leave for Africa for the past 7 months. And though I will continue to do so however long it takes to raise my budget, in all honesty, I would really like to be able to leave in mid-July. Not only am I currently unemployed and eager to begin my new position as the Communication Liaison, but July holds great opportunities.

This July, Derek Sciba, the Marketing Director for World Concern (and my boss) will be visiting the horn of Africa. I greatly desire to transition into my position in Nairobi by training with Derek in the field. Because he has been training me in Seattle, it would be highly beneficial to see him doing his thing in Africa and train with him on location.

I know July is soon, but I am not willing to let go of this goal quite yet.

side note #2: soak in the beauty of Seattle in the sun, Carkeek Park style.

So far, through your generous donations, I have raised the entirety of my one-time funds! This is huge! THANK YOU!

I have also raised around 1/3 of my monthly budget of $3400, but still need to raise the other 2/3 to leave in July.

This means that if only 20 people donate $15 per month, 20 people donate $25 per month, 20 people donate $40 per month, and 10 people donate $50 per month, I will have reached my goal.

Would you please consider partnering with me monthly so that together we can spread the news about the work of World Concern and share the valuable, beautiful stories of their beneficiaries around the world?

If you are interested, you can donate here.

I would LOVE to meet up in person if you’re interested in hearing more.

Praying for presence in the small things while actively waiting for this next chapter. And for perfect sunny-side-up eggs.