Giving Thanks: I should do this more than once a year.

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I figured this was an opportune time to share and reflect on some of the many things from the past year that I am thankful for. I also want to note that I do not intend to only give thanks in seasons when it feels ‘appropriate’ to do so. There are reasons to be thankful every day.

Looking back on the last year of support-raising and training: I am thankful for…

–          A short conversation with Derek that turned into a life-changing decision.

–          Incredible support from my friends, family, and church community from day one.

–       The opportunity to begin again as a student of photography, videography, grant         writing, language learning, cross-cultural studies, support-raising, relationship-building, public speaking, development work, event hosting, East African history, social media, and communications.

–          As often as I dreaded them, the many times over the last year that I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone.

–          The opportunity to train in the field with four inspiring individuals (Derek Sciba- World Concern, Eugene Cho- One Day’s Wages, Jonathan Young- ONE, Jenny Simmons– musician and World Concern).

The Kenya Crew

Jenny and I roadside in South Sudan. No, that is not a spray tan- this pictures is post a 13+ hour bumpy ride over red dirt roads. 6 push-starts and 1 traffic ticket later, we made it!

–          The chance to travel cross-country to meet with familiar and not-so-familiar faces.

–          Coffee. I am thankful for you.

–          The opportunity to live in Seattle for 6 years. I no longer consider myself a 100% California girl…

–          Despite my lack of a consistent income- a consistent roof over my head and food in my belly.

–          My dear Seattle friends who put up with me through the beautiful, and not-so-beautiful, moments. You know who you are.

–          Despite my lack of sleep- overall health. This is something to be truly thankful for.

–          The amazing staff at World Concern. I cannot stress enough how amazing they are. Wait, amazing isn’t even enough. I am so blessed to be included in this community!

–          Church families! (Quest and FMCSB)

–          Listening ears when I needed them most.

–          Words of wisdom when I needed them most.

–          Hugs when I needed them most.

–          Laughter when I needed it most.

–          Music. ‘Nuff said.

–          Friends who feed me.

–          The opportunity and freedom to express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions in public places (exhibit A).

–          Legs that can run, snowboard, hike, do yoga, bike, and swim.

–          Living in environments that allow me to do all of the activities described above.

–          Everyone who has gone out of their way to support me.

–          My MTI family.

–          A patient, gracious, merciful, timely, forgiving, persistent, good, and sovereign God.

–          Access to an unending amount of information. Thank you, Google.

–          New friends.

–          Time to rest in this beaut of a town. (Hello, Santa Barbara).

–          The freedom to vote.

–          Humbling moments (let’s be honest, these took me awhile to be thankful for.).

–          EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS BLOG. This is something I am VERY thankful for.

…and, I promise, these are just the highlights.

What can I say but, God is good.

Even in the midst of difficulty, there is always reason to give thanks.

Anticipating many thankful moments to come.

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