Renewal in the Unrecognizable. // Tessou, Chad

I can’t honestly claim that I’ve ever been displaced. I’ve never been forced to leave my home, nor have I experienced the assumed feelings that are correlated with returning to a place that was once familiar, only to find that that place has transformed into something utterly unrecognizable. To the most minor degree my recent return […]

Villages Transformed: Chad

In July of 2013, I made the trek to the Sila Region of Chad. At the time, my main objective was to document the beginning stages of World Concern’s One Village Transformed projects in 10 different villages. During a period of 3 weeks, I interviewed over 40 individuals and captured more than 4,000 photos. While in the villages, […]

Achta of N’djamena // Starting Over in Chad

Sharing a bowl of light-brown water and some strips of mango, that appear to have been drying in the infamously harsh Chadian sun for endless hours, Achta carefully situates herself under a dilapidated wooden shelter. Even in times of difficulty, the tradition of Chadian hospitality remains. Alone on the compound, Achta explains that five of […]

Come with me to rural Chad.

3 1/2 weeks. 10 villages. Over 35 interviews. 7 airplanes. A large variety of beds. 15 Cokes. 3 Coke-car-explosions (inevitable). 2 head-scarfs. 2 times getting the Land Rover stuck – once in a wadi & once in mud. 25 cups of hot tea. 1,596.97 moments of wishing I spoke French. 42 herds of camels. Countless painful stories. Countless stories […]

3 Years in Numbers

I love words. I love that they can be placed together in a formulaic manner and transform into poetry. I love that they can be used to paint pictures of pain, birth, blue whales, delicious turkey sandwiches, and jealousy. I love that they can be professional, concise, and pragmatic in order to establish a point, share information, or fill a […]

Bountiful Crops in Magical Light

Exhausted from a full day of travel, my colleagues and I piled into the back of our World Concern Land Cruiser. Thankfully, taking the place of Chad’s unforgiving sun, the cool (er) evening air began to breathe across our weary skin, bringing with it refreshment and renewed energy. We were on our way from Ade to visit a small […]

World Humanitarian Day 2014

Today is a very important day. World Humanitarian Day. As declared by the UN, WHD is ‘a day to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world.’ This year’s focus lies on ‘humanitarian heroes’ – those who risk their lives and sacrifice […]

World Concern: Going To The End Of The Road And Staying There. // Part II

The following is Part II in a two-part series (you can read Part I here). The series was written in response to the following questions:      1. What makes World Concern different than other development organizations?      2. Is being a faith-based organization (FBO) more of a challenge or a strength? My hope […]