One Year Later – Reflecting on the Anniversary of South Sudan’s Conflict

Below is a blog post I wrote for the World Concern blog regarding the one year anniversary of South Sudan’s most recent conflict. Please take a minute to read it and stay engaged.  In December 2013, the world’s newest nation, only two years into a season without war, plunged back into crisis-mode. Though the explanation […]

Majok Deng. Not an IDP. // Crisis in South Sudan.

It was the third IDP (Internally Displaced Person) site I’d visited in two days, all within a two hour radius. Though the dusty, sparsely forested scenery had not changed, the number of people at each site seemed to grow exponentially. 900, 1500, 6000. Each IDP site shouted the same story: too many people living under […]

The River is Not Enough // Dry-Season Farming and Empowering Beneficiaries in South Sudan

Anok Awer squints her eyes as she speaks. It’s as if she is blinded by the glare of her neon yellow t-shirt – rather than the brutal South Sudanese sun beating directly onto her face; a year-round sensation that goes without complaint. With a wrinkled forehead, as if matter of fact, she explains, “We now […]

3 Years in Numbers

I love words. I love that they can be placed together in a formulaic manner and transform into poetry. I love that they can be used to paint pictures of pain, birth, blue whales, delicious turkey sandwiches, and jealousy. I love that they can be professional, concise, and pragmatic in order to establish a point, share information, or fill a […]

World Humanitarian Day 2014

Today is a very important day. World Humanitarian Day. As declared by the UN, WHD is ‘a day to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world.’ This year’s focus lies on ‘humanitarian heroes’ – those who risk their lives and sacrifice […]

A Man and His Camels // A Series of Eyewitness Accounts [Part II]

The following is a brief Eye Witness Account [Part II] as shared by Saleban – a father and camel herder in Faraguul, Somaliland.  I am uncomfortable. The UV rays are direct, piercing through my thin cotton shirt. I immediately feel fatigued and sunburned. I’ve been sitting in the Faraguul afternoon sun for a total of 25 minutes. […]

Neither Here Nor There // A Series of Eyewitness Accounts [Part I]

The following are brief Eye Witness Accounts from Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in Wau, South Sudan. Since conflict broke out in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, in December 2013, the country has been in a state of crisis. In the last six months, over 250,000 people have fled to neighboring countries and over […]