3 Years in Numbers

I love words. I love that they can be placed together in a formulaic manner and transform into poetry. I love that they can be used to paint pictures of pain, birth, blue whales, delicious turkey sandwiches, and jealousy. I love that they can be professional, concise, and pragmatic in order to establish a point, share information, or fill a […]

Sister Kim in Quotes // Part III

By now you’ve heard enough about the life and legend of Sister Kim from my perspective. It’s time the stories of her 30 committed years of service are expressed by some of the individuals those she’s impacted the most. Reverend Stephen, Diocese Mission & Youth Coordinator “My relationship with Sister Kim is very close because I take […]

Sister Kim // Part II

She knew little more than the title of her next life chapter: Uganda. Its sentences had yet to be formulated, its paragraphs were waiting to be compiled. She was particularly unaware that this new so-called chapter would turn out to be more of a series – a life commitment. In 1985, pursuing the unfamiliar, Chung Yoon Kim, […]

“We Can Now Taste Our Land.” // Fadumo Farming in Somaliland

Last week, while romping through seemingly untouched acres of northern Ugandan bush, an Ecuadorian priest and I kicked our feet through fresh red soil earth and two-foot tall swaying grasses. It was late afternoon and the muted orange sun hung low on the horizon. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, there is […]

A Sweet Reunion.

Yes, I’m American. Yes, my skin is white. Yes, I have (somewhat) soft curly hair. But who says I can’t be the daughter, sister, cousin, and grandchild of two vivacious families living in the vibrant village of Mukono, Uganda?… —————————————————————————————————————————– East African culture is beautiful for many reasons… The captivating deep hued colors of the […]

At Home, 9008 Miles from Home.

You guys. I’m here! And what a beautiful, stressful, encouraging, exciting, challenging, and surreal week this has been! I arrived safely in Nairobi on Monday the 14th at 10:30pm. No problem. All luggage intact. Stuffed full of airline food. Running on less than 20 minutes of sleep. 3 movies and two books complete. Ready to go. […]

The Life of a Fieldworker: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (or at least my anticipations of what is to come)

The history of ‘Kelly Ranck in the field’: { The Field: Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Chad, and other East African countries } Thus far… Uganda// 5 months [studied at a Ugandan University, lived with a couple of Ugandan families, traveled and studied all over Uganda] Rwanda// 2 weeks [traveled around the country learning about the […]

People have Friends.

During my time in South Sudan, during 25+ hours of bumpy dirt roads, I read the book Love Does by Bob Goff (shoutout to Courtney Jung). For those of you who haven’t heard of Bob, you should probably look him up. He is a loving, whimsical, creative, selfless, passionate, successful, go-getter. His book is a humbly […]


[Jamii: Swahili for “Community”] “The compassionate life is a life together. Since it is in community that God’s compassion reveals itself, solidarity, servanthood, and obedience are also the main characteristics of our life together.” – Henri Nouwen from Compassion Over the last couple of weeks, I have had numerous conversations about living in community. Here are the questions […]